Louise & James’ Wedding at The Holy Family Church in Reigate and The Burford Bridge Hotel in Dorking

We take a look back at the wedding of Louise & James from the end of last year, where they tied the knot at The Holy Family Church in Reigate, followed by the reception at The Burford Bridge Hotel in Dorking.

This was the first time that I had been back to The Burford Bridge since it had been refurbished following on from the catastrophic flooding in 2013.

I have to say, that whilst the flooding was a terrible event, the venue has definitely benefitted in the long term from the renovations – it now is more modern and contemporary with its decor and this has given what was a tiring venue a new lease of life.

This wedding was another one that shared many moving moments and celebrations – Louise tragically lost one of her brothers in 2009, but she was determined to involve him on her special day and so arranged that her and James made a stop at Redstone Cemetery on the way to Box Hill to pay their respects and toast a glass of champagne with Patrick.

It was a poignant act, and one that I thought was truly beautiful and touching.

When you see or witness such moments, and feel others pain and anguish that their loved ones are no longer with them to celebrate and enjoy such landmark and special occasions, it truly does make you realise how fortunate you are and how we all do take so many things for granted in this life…

Please feel free to watch the video slideshow from Louise & James’ wedding here below.

I also know that Louise and her family have set up the Patrick Evans Foundation in the honour of her brother – so please feel free to read about the fine work that they do here.


6 Month Year Old Studio Portraits

A young little lad called Noah, who we’d photographed as a newborn in the past, came back to the studio here in Carshalton with mum for some portrait shots of him at the 6 months age.

Generally we advise photographing children at the following stages for a good variation and to fully illustrate their journey of growth in their first year;

• Newborn (within the first fortnight of birth)
• 6 Months Old
• 12 Months Old

Noah, was an incredibly cute little fellow, and very photogenic!

We managed to get some lovely portraits of him, both alone, and also some with his mum.

You can check a small selection of these here below.


Baby Portrait Photography in Carshalton, Surrey Baby Studio Portrait Photography in Carshalton High key baby photography carshalton black and white baby portrait 6 month year old portrait photography Carshalton, Surrey Mum and baby photographs Carshalton, Surrey Baby kissing mum in a studio portrait in Carshalton, Surrey Mother and baby son studio portrait photography in Carshalton in Surrey

Emma & Scott’s Wedding at The Hotel du Vin in Brighton

Due to the fact that I am incredibly disorganised when it comes to blogging, and that I don’t normally blog that frequently, I have a plethora of weddings in the archives that I could talk about and share with you all.

It’s probably time that I should start to do indeed that, and get some of these weddings out here on the blogosphere!

So, from here on, what I’m going to attempt to do is get some posts up on a more regular basis.

In order to do that, what I will do is probably cut back on the narration side of the posts – mainly because it’s the writing that takes the majority of the time, and secondly my writing skills aren’t the best anyhow, so I might as well let the images do the talking instead and that should hopefully mean that I’ll get around to posting more often…. well, that’s my theory anyway!

In the spirit of this new found direction, I shall kick off proceedings with a wedding from 2013 – the wedding of Emma & Scott who tied the knot at Brighton Registry Office and the Hotel du Vin.

I would go as far as saying that this wedding was one of the most intimate weddings I have photographed. It was attended by an elite selection of family and friends, and that was what truly made it such a lovely and touching affair.

Being involved with such an intimate wedding is always a privilege, as whilst you are the photographer, it is a lot harder to blend in to the congregation when it is a smaller gathering and therefore inevitably you get to bond and engage with the guests more than you would at a regular or larger sized event.

It’s a lovely feeling to feel more involved and closer with the couple and their guests, and it does make it all the more rewarding.

I especially built up a lovely rapport with Emma and Scott’s two children, and it really was heart warming to share and capture their magical day together as a family unit.

I also absolutely loved recording the wedding party walking through the Brighton lanes as they travelled from hotel to registry office and then vice-versa on the way back – it made for some gorgeous photos of them walking amongst the public creating a very surreal feel.

Without any further talk (in trying to keep with my new approach!) I’ll leave it there, and allow you to unravel the story of their day via the select photos here below…


Wedding dress hanging up in one of the hotel rooms at hotel du vin in brighton, west sussex Bride's wedding shoes photographed in a room at the hotel du vin in brighton, west sussex bridesmaids and bride's wedding dresses hanging up on the wall at the hotel du vin in Ship Street in Brighton young pageboy and bridesmaid fully dressed and ready for their mum's wedding at Brighton Registry Office Bride getting ready with hair and make-up ahead of her wedding at the hotel du vin in brighton Portraits of the bride in her wedding dress in a room at the hotel du vin in Ship Street in Brighton, West Sussex Group shots of bride with her parents, bridesmaids and children before her wedding ceremony in Brighton Groom and his young bestman ahead of his wedding ceremony, standing outside the hotel du vin in Brighton Groom and guests have a drink in the bar at the hotel du vin in brighton, west sussex Groom and the guests walk down the  lanes to the Registry Office in Brighton The Brighton Registry Office, Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton The bride arrives at the Brighton Town Hall registry office in a taxi The bride enters the wedding ceremony room at the Brighton Town Hall registry Office Bride and groom greet each other during their wedding ceremony at the Brighton Town Hall's registry office Natural photographs of the wedding ceremony  at the brighton register office Bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony at the Brighton Town Hall Bride and groom kiss after declaring their wedding vows at their civil ceremony at the Brighton Town Hall Registry Office Bride and groom sign the wedding register at the Brighton Town Hall Bride and groom pose for a photograph on the grand staircase at the Brighton Town Hall Guests throw confetti over the bride and groom outside the brighton town hall The bride and groom enjoy a walk down the lanes in brighton with their wedding party in tow Bride and groom taking a stroll down the lanes in brighton amongst the public The wedding reception party gets underway at the hotel du vin in Brighton wedding guests enjoying some drinks in the bar at the hotel du vin during the wedding reception in Brighton Portrait photographs of the bride and groom on their wedding day taken at the Band Stand on Brighton sea front in West Sussex wedding favors and details at the wedding reception at the hotel du vin in brighton young wedding guests having fun at the wedding at the hotel du vin wedding guests enjoying themselves and being merry at the wedding reception at the hotel du vin in brighton wedding speeches during the wedding breakfast at the hotel du vin in brighton, west sussex Groom gives an intimate speech to his newly wed wife during the wedding breakfast at the hotel du vin in Brighton An emotional bride enjoys her son's speech that is dedicated to her and her husband during the wedding breakfast at the hotel du vin A young boys gets emotional after giving a heart felt speech at his parent's wedding in brighton the wedding breakfast in full flow at the hotel du vin in brighton A small and intimate wedding reception at the hotel du vin in brighton, west sussex Everyone enjoying the wedding reception at the hotel du vin in west sussex The bride and groom cut their wedding cake during the wedding breakfast at the Hotel du Vin in Brighton Some portrait photos of the bride and groom on their wedding day inside the hotel du vin in brighton

Commercial Head Shots Photography

Ashely Groom Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey

It’s fair to say that the majority of our work here at Everlasting Moments Photography is Weddings and family portrait based.

As a result, not many of our clients are aware that we can, and or do frequently cover commercial photography services too.

The most common area of this tends to be Head Shots for local companies and businesses.

In todays digital age, head shots have become an ever more important tool in a company’s marketing toolbox.

Thank’s to social media and company websites, head shots are now a necessity for profile and ‘about us’ pages.  Like it or not, this is something that is here to stay and won’t be changing.

Now, whilst you might love that selfie you took in the mirror of the local pub’s toilets for your personal Facebook page, it’s generally not advisable using that for your LinkedIn profile and or on your company’s website!

When it comes to business, you want your profile picture to represent you professionally – it should reflect the quality of your brand, show you as a professional, be inviting and friendly so that people can see that you are an approachable person who they want to do business with.

What a lot of people forget is that profile pictures and such head shots are quite often the first instance that a potential client/customer will indirectly vet you and your company – it is your first impression to impress them and fill them with confidence that you are someone that they want to do business with.

It’s that old saying “Your first impression, is your last”.

It is so true, if you went to a job interview or a meeting with a potential client, you wouldn’t turn up in scruffy and casual clothes would you? You would wear a suit or be dressed smartly and in a presentable way so that you represented yourself in the best possible manner.

So it always amazes me when I see this rule being forgotten with the use of unprofessional profile photos on business related web and social media accounts.

Whilst I joke about selfies in pub toilets, a bad profile photo isn’t just restricted to such an undesirable location – there are many other things that constitute towards a bad profile photograph;

• Poorly lit – some photos are taken in dark conditions and you can’t see the person’s face particularly well for a start, and in addition it can also give a mysterious and untrustworthy feel to the picture

• Unflattering lighting – in variation to the above, there is unflattering light – where the person is sat in a bad position in relation to a light source and it creates unflattering shadows on the face and in particular around the eyes. Firstly the person won’t be happy that they don’t look a million dollars, and secondly such shadows don’t help to create that ‘welcoming’ feel to the portrait. Likewise if it’s a tungsten light that is illuminating them in the photo, they might even appear like the Tango man with hues of orange changing their skin tone colour!

• Direct flash – again another light related issue, where a camera or camera-phone have been used to capture the photo and it’s activated the small in-built flash on the device… this creates hard shadows on the face and can also add noticable white ‘hot-spots’ on the skin, giving people shiny foreheads/noses/cheeks – never a good look for anyone!

• Cluttered backgrounds – one of the most common issues in most amateur head shots taken by employees in the office environment. Generally thought isn’t given to what might be visible in the background, this can range from things like other employees, office equipment, fire exit signs, fire alarm buttons, fire extinguishers, light switches… all of which are distractions from the person in the photo, and it just looks unprofessional.

So, if you’re serious about representing your business, and feel that your profile picture(s) are not striking the right chord in how your brand should be represented, my honest advice would be to look into getting professional head shots taken.

You can read more about our commercial photography services on our website, and we do also have some various examples in a gallery page too.

I’ve added some head shots that we recently captured for the team at Calver Groom Financial Management and of which they have used on their website – this gives you an example of the head shots that we can capture, and just to also underline that they don’t have to feel or look cheesy or false!


Calver-Groom-Head-Shot Karen Barber Head Shot for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey

Geoff Furniss Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey
Ann Dean Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey Spencer Franks Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey


A team photograph of The Calver Groom Financial Management Team in Wallington, Surrey

A newborn studio portrait session with baby Noah

We recently welcomed baby Noah to our Carshalton based studio for a newborn baby photoshoot.

Mum, Gemma, brought him along as she wanted to ensure that they recorded photos of their new arrival in his cute and miniature form.

Babies and children grow so fast, so naturally many parents want to visually document their child’s journey so that they will have a collection of photographs to look back upon with fond memories in the years to come.

There is something definitely special about newborn shoots – the baby is generally no older than 1-2 weeks old, so they are literally tiny, and at a size that they will never ever be again.

They are cute; so small, so innocent, so vulnerable, so reliant on mum – and so precious to their parents – this is a new chapter in the parents’ lives, and they quite rightly want to record and celebrate this joyous occasion.

Of all the portrait shoots we do, newborns are a lengthy affair, with each sitting taking on average between 2-3 hours a session (it generally depends on baby) to capture a nice selection of portraits. It’s not something that can be rushed, and it does require patience, but it’s all conducted in a relaxed environment within the studio and both baby and the parents are made fully comfortable and put at ease throughout.

The key with any newborn shoot is that baby’s safety and comfort is paramount, and is never jeopardised at any point.

All the poses and props that we conduct and use fully comply to this principle.

You can see a handful of the shots from Noah’s shoot here below.

For further information on newborn baby portraits and or general studio portraits, then please visit our website for further information regarding pricing.


Newborn baby photography at a studio in Carshalton, SurreyBaby lying down asleep during a studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surreynewborn baby wearing a woolly hat  having a studio portraitNewborn baby studio portrait captured  at a studio in Carshallton, Surrey newborn baby photography services in Carshalton, Surrey The feet of a two week year old newborn baby at a studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surrey newborn baby has his hand in his baby growth pocketNewborn baby is posed for a portrait lying in a wooden bowl in the studio in Carshalton, SurreyNewborn baby yawns during his studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surrey