Antonina & Dale’s Wedding Slideshow at Ravens Ait Island

Here’s a slideshow of Antonina & Dale’s wedding at Ravens Ait Island in Kingston from last month.

I’d never been to Ravens Ait before, so this was a first for me, and what a unique experience it was too – for those of you who do not know it, it’s basically a venue on an island that sits in the Thames between Kingston and Hampton Court.

You can only access it via boat.

Antonina and Dale had a stunning marquee at Ravens Ait, it was immaculately dressed and presented… it was amazing.


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Sophie & Jimi’s Wedding at Addington Palace, Croydon

Sophie and Jimi’s wedding was a nice and local affair, with the ceremony taking place in my hometown of Wallington at the Holy Trinity Church.

I started off with the bridal preparations at Sophie’s parents house, before then meeting Jimi at the church for some quick portraits of him and the groomsmen.

Unbeknown to Jimi, Sophie had planned him a little secret – he was to be driven to the church in a replica 1980′s A-Team van! Being of that generation myself, I was pretty impressed with his transportation as it delivered a healthy dose of nostalgia from my own childhood.

Sadly there was no Hannibal, Mr T, Face or Murdock to join the celebrations on this occasion, but Jimi was flanked with his very own group of men! Despite being a Wallingtonian, I’d strangely not photographed at Holy Trinity before.

I was quite pleased to alas be commissioned for a wedding there, as I’ve always eyed up the unusual blue painted doors at the front side of the church – they’re such a lovely vibrant blue that it just pops, and so I of course made sure that we captured a couple of portraits of the happy couple by these after the ceremony before departing for the wedding reception.

Moving onto the reception, Jimi hadn’t been the only one treated to transportation on the day – the couple had hired an old routemaster bus to transfer their guests from Wallington to Addington Palace in Croydon.

Sophie and Jimi meanwhile travelled in a modern Rolls Royce – I don’t think that Sophie fancied a ride in the A-team van as her wedding vehicle!

If you’re not too familiar with Addington Palace, it’s an 18th-century mansion set within 163 acres of land based in Croydon, and is steeped in history – apparently Henry VIII once had  a hunting lodge there.

As you can imagine, it therefore is a very grand venue, which boasts some fabulous decor, all of which we took advantage of when capturing the bride and groom portraits.

Why not have a look at a handful of images from their big day here below…

Bride getting ready at her home in wallington, surrey Bride's wedding dress hanging up in her bedroom Holy Trinity Church in Wallington - Groom posing with an A-Team van as his wedding car Wedding bands being held in the hand of the best man outside the Holy Trinity Church in Wallington, Surrey Bride arrives in her wedding car outside Holy Trinity Church in Wallington Bride walking down the aisle with her father at Holy Trinity Church, Wallington, Surrey Wedding ceremony being held at Holy Trinity Church, Wallington Bride and groom signing the register during their wedding service at Wallington's Holy Trinity Church Bride and groom congratulated outside Holy Trinity Church in Wallington by their congregation Bride and groom posing by the blue doors of Holy Trinity Church in Wallington, Surrey The double decker bus of wedding guests arrives at Addington Palace in Croydon for the wedding reception Rolls Royce wedding car outside the front of the Addington Palace building in Croydon, Surrey Bride and groom pose for some wedding portraits within the external grounds of Addington Palace in Croydon Bride and Groom wedding portraits and posed photos as taken inside Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey The main room in Addington Palace fully decorated ready for the imminent wedding breakfast Bride and Groom are introduced to the guests by the toastmaster during the start of the wedding breakfast at Addington Palace, Croydon, Surrey Wedding breakfast details shots of the cake and room An aerial shot of the main room at Addington Palace in Croydon Guests enjoying themselves during the wedding breakfast Bride and groom take to the dance floor for their first dance during their wedding reception at Addington Palace in Croydon

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Teenage Portraits on location at Morden Park, Surrey

Apologies for the break in blog posts again of late… I’m guilty that once things get busier, sadly the first thing that always slips is the poor blog – you’ve only got to see my chequered posting history to see a rather all too familiar pattern emerging!

I will once again try to kick-start things with another little post to hopefully help get things back on track.

This post relates back to a shoot I did probably around 18 months ago, which despite the time lag, ironically is one that I have wanted to get on here before now because it was such a fun job.

I’d been commissioned by a lady to photograph her teenage daughter and a group of her school friends, as they were moving away and she thought that it would be a lovely memento for her daughter to remember her friends by.

Initially, it had been arranged that I was to conduct a shoot at their house using the portable studio equipment.

However, after some thought I advised them that I felt that a location shoot would be better suited due to the number of girls, and that they would also benefit from something that was less formal.

I also knew that Morden Park was literally across the road from their house, and having conducted many weddings there at the registry office knew that the grounds would provide us with some great opportunities.

My proposal at first wasn’t accepted too well from the girls, as being teenagers and of an age where they are extremely self-aware, naturally they didn’t fancy being seen out at the local park having their photos taken – that just isn’t cool apparently!

Fortunately, my powers of persuasion won, and we headed over to the park to capture the various portraits from the complete group through to smaller variations and singular shots.

Despite the girls’ initial reservations, they soon got into the swing of things, and in the end actually fully embraced the fun well beyond my expectations – to the extent that one of them proposed that they all could climb a nearby low based tree to pose in that!

I kid you not… I went with the flow and as a result we got some brilliant shots, which encapsulated everything so perfectly.

It was definitely a shoot to remember, and I hope that the photos have provided them with something that they will remember and treasure as a reminder of that day and the many years of friendship that they’ve shared.

Here below is a selection of the images that were captured from that shoot.

Portrait photography with a group of teenage girls in Morden Park in Surrey Fun portraits with a group of girls in the grounds of Morden Park Fun portraits with a group of girls posing in a tree in Morden Park Teenage girls posing together for their portraits in Morden Park in Surrey Teenage friendship being captured in their portraits at Morden Park in Surrey

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A newborn baby shoot with baby Ronnie

I had the lovely pleasure of capturing the very first official portraits of Baby Ronnie last week.

Mum and dad brought her along to the studio for some photos, and she obliged very well I have to say – not a bad effort, given that she was just over a week old – she was awake pretty much the whole of the shoot time!

We managed to get some lovely shots of her with a handful of our new props from our newborn photography portraiture range.

Why not have a look at our small slideshow here showing off the images captured from the shoot itself, and check out just how cute our subject was!


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A Commercial photo shoot with ABootcamp

I thought that I’d put up a post of a commercial shoot we did last year for ABootcamp who are based at Warlingham RFC.

I know the owner Adam Alexander very well from my Sutton BNI days, and he commissioned me at the beginning of last spring to come and do a shoot for him at one of his bootcamps to obtain images for his new website and corporate literature.

Ironically enough the day the shoot was held on was very cold – the outside ground was frozen, and there was a persistent foggy mist that lingered most of the day.

I had suggested to Adam that it was probably worth postponing to another day with better weather, but he was on a tight schedule for the website and opted to continue – which whilst the outside images do look incredibly cold and un-inviting to a degree, in other ways it did add a bit of a surreal edge to them.

We captured a mixture of shots from the photo shoot, some of a live bootcamp class that was conducted outside on the playing fields, then some action shots in the gym indoors, and then finished up with a couple of nice environmental portraits of both Adam and Kerrie also in the gym surrounds.

You can view a small selection of the images from the day here below, and or of course please feel free to check out ABootcamp’s website to see them in use and or to find out more about what Adam and Kerrie do in more depth (if you want to lose weight, have a healthier lifestyle and or need some help achieving a specific body shape, these guys can help you).

Adam and Kerrie will be returning in front of my lens again this year, although in a very different format – a wedding!  Hopefully we’ll have better weather this time around, I certainly hope so with it being in August!

If you are in need of some new imagery for your business, a website or corporate literature, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further and provide more information about our commercial services.


A Bootcamp live in action in Warlingham, Croydon A sledge hammer being used in a bootcamp exercise in Croydon The gym room at Warlingham Rugby Football Club in Croydon Adam Alexander and Kerrie Bourne's personal fitness trainer portraits in warlingham RFC's gym room

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