Sutton Holiday Inn Spring Wedding Fayre – Sunday 8th Feb 2015

In Toto Events presents a Wedding Fayre at the Sutton Holiday Inn, Surrey on Sunday 8th February 2015

Please come and join us at the Wedding Fayre on the 8th Feb!

For all you brides-to-be out there, it’s now that time of year that we call ‘wedding fayre season’!

We shall be attending the In Toto Events Wedding Fayre at The Sutton Holiday Inn (Click here for a map) on Sunday 8th February, from 11am – 3pm.

If you’ve never been to a wedding fayre before, and you’ve still got a few things to tick off on your ‘to-do’ list, then I really do recommend you coming along.

What is the point of a wedding fayre?

A wedding fayre will give you a great opportunity to meet with many wedding suppliers, from florists, cakes, bridal wear, cars all the way through to photographers.

A good wedding fayre will host a whole variety of suppliers and ensure that there isn’t too many of any one genre, which ultimately will give all the brides that walk through the door more choice.  No bride wants to walk into a fayre to see there are 6 photographers and only one bridal wear company – it can happen… some fayres will book tables to duplicate suppliers regardless of their genre as they need to fill exhibitors space.  That might be great for the organiser’s wallet, but it certainly won’t be offering the bride a beneficial experience.

In addition to that, some venues will also use the opportunity to have a room or two fully set-up to showcase how their facilities could look on a given wedding day to help people visualise what they can offer them.

Meeting suppliers in the flesh and not via an online profile page

Now, you may well point out that you can find all the suppliers and venues you ever need at the end of your finger tips with the help of your good friend Google, and you would indeed have a point.

However, the true benefit of a wedding fayre is moving away from the cyber world and providing you with the opportunity to meet the ‘real’ people and their physical products that you might be investing in.

When it comes to your wedding, we’re talking about an extremely important day, not to mention an expensive one – you want to make sure you’re getting things right, and that you’re selecting the right suppliers who you believe will provide you with the best product and the best experience.

This is very difficult to do online, yes companies and suppliers may well have mighty fine all-singing-and-dancing websites and branding that looks amazing, but what are they like as a person, we quite often forget that these people are part of their brand and their product and you can’t easily analyze that through a web page.

There is no substitute for meeting people face to face, you will soon pick up a vibe as to whether they are someone that you want to entrust carrying out a role on your big day. You can also thoroughly vet the quality of their products through the physical form of touch rather than make judgements remotely from photos – trust me, this is such an important thing that I really do advise all couples to do with most if not all of their suppliers if possible.

Plan ahead – 4 useful tips!

Make sure that you plan ahead – as with any supplier that you still need to hire, have a think about what questions you might like to ask them – write them down and take it with you to the fayre.  That way you can then ask them when you’re talking to them directly, it will not only satisfy your concerns but also potentially save you time in having to meet up with the supplier again in the future.

Take a bag with you, there will be a lot of printed literature and business cards on display from all the suppliers, this will allow you to take home the ones that you’re interested in without losing them on your way around the venue!

Special offers – some suppliers will run a special offer for any brides that book there and then on the day, it might be a discount and or possibly includes a freebie of some kind.  If you’re happy with the supplier and their products and feel that you want to book them, then you can do so there and then and take advantage of their special offer!

Another good tip is that if you are heading to a specific wedding fayre, have a look around to see if there are any other fayres also going on in the area – you could possibly combine the two and visit both one after the other, which will give you a further measuring stick to compare the venues and suppliers.

Join us at our next fayre

Don’t forget, we’ll be at the In Toto Events wedding fayre at The Sutton Holiday Inn on Sunday 8th Feb from 11am – 3pm – why not come along and meet the wonderful local suppliers that I personally know very well?

In Toto Events generally run their fayres so that there is only one supplier of each genre, so you won’t be faced with the prospect of looking at 5-6 of the same type of suppliers and you’ll enjoy the excellent variation.

It’s also FREE Entry – so what’s there to lose?

Hopefully see you on the 8th Feb!

Baby Ronnie’s Newborn portrait photo shoot

Aside of the wedding work that we carry out throughout the year, we do also cover various portrait shoots of families, children and newborn babies.

These can be either studio or location based portraits, depending on what our client prefers.

One form of portraiture that we frequently get requests for is babies, whether that be at the newborn stage, 6 months or 12 months – we cover all of these key ages.

Why not have a look at one of our newborn shoots from a few months ago here to gauge a feel for the type of shots that we’d look to capture for a typical newborn shoot.

If you have any questions about our portrait services, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line to discuss your requirements further.

Let your child be the star of your Christmas Cards this year!

We’re currently running a Christmas promotion for all those parents out there who have a child and of whom would love their little munchkin to feature on their own personalised greeting cards.

We’ll be running mini festive portrait shoots and offering three packages with different card quantities.

Each package will come with the designated quantity of cards, plus one FREE 8″x6″ print, and also a FREE low resolution JPEG for use on social media.

To find out more please read the poster below, and contact us directly with any other questions.

We will be looking to take bookings in the next fortnight, as obviously time will be required to have the cards printed and returned.

If you are interested, please register your interest now by contacting us here or by telephoning 07930 400059.

Everlasting Moments Personalised Christmas Cards Promotion

Victoria & Toby’s Wedding at Coverwood Lakes, Peaslake in Surrey

Victoria and Toby’s wedding was a stunning affair – set in one of the most beautiful backdrops that I have yet had the pleasure of photographing.

I hadn’t even been aware of Coverwood Lakes‘ existence prior to Victoria and Toby approaching me to capture their big day.

I’m sure that many of you reading this are probably just as likely to not be familiar with it either?

Basically, it’s private farm based in Peaslake, and it boasts a couple of beautiful lakes within it’s grounds.

The main lake, ironically is the smaller of the two, is surrounded by an amazing collection of trees and stunning gardens which frame it’s boundaries beautifully.

It also boasts a fabulous covered stone walkway, which provides another rich visual focal point within the grounds – this instantly struck me upon my initial visit as an amazing element that would provide some striking portraits.

The owners of the venue obviously realised that the location of the lake and the amazing surrounds would provide a perfect backdrop for a wedding/event reception, and so rather cleverly invested in their own stylish marquee which they erect when required to provide the facilities to house a party without compromising or detracting from the surrounds.

I was extremely impressed, and it was a delight to have had the opportunity to capture Victoria and Toby’s wedding there.

We were fortunate on the day with the weather – as to be fair that is the only potential concern of such a venue.  Whilst it did rain at certain points in the earlier part of the day, luckily it held firm in the latter stages of the afternoon and through into the evening so that one and all could truly enjoy the venue to it’s full capacity.

You can view a video slideshow of Victoria and Toby’s wedding here below, I’m sure you’ll agree with my comments, and I hope that it might help further expose this hidden gem for many other couples to enjoy :)


The evolution of the Wedding Album

Wedding albums just like cameras have evolved vastly from the old days.

The digital age heralded the end of film, and that change has not only revolutionised the wedding photogtapher’s job, but also the images that are now captured and the way that they are then used afterwards.

The Traditional Wedding Album

A traditional styled wedding albumOriginally the photographer’s responsibility was to capture formal portraits of the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony, as well as the important family and bridal party group shots.

After that, they would have then headed back to the lab to develop the prints, put together a traditional matted album for their clients (you know the ones with tracing paper divides!), and would then return to the wedding reception that same evening to hand it over to the newlyweds.

They would also of course try and sell additional prints to the rest of the congregation in a bid to increase their earnings.

Oh how things have changed…  Weddings are now captured from the bride getting ready in the morning all the way up to the first dance, if not beyond!

Today’s Contemporary Wedding Albums

A look at an inside double page spread of a digital albumThe old fashioned ‘formal’ only style of shooting has been surpassed, with wedding photographers now having to provide a wide array of skills such as photojournalism (natural documentation), fashion photography (lifestyle images), and commercial photography (details of the dress/shoes/flowers) on top of the original portraiture.

Such evolution in the approach of the photography means that weddings are now ‘documented’ as a visual story, rather than just a handful of formally posed portraits.

Naturally, as the end product has changed (ie the photos; their style and their quantity) the role of the wedding album has had to move with the times as well.

Today’s albums now boast more pages, and are far less formal, and come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes.

Their strongest point, is that their layouts are far more flexible and that they use their images to literally illustrate the day as a visual story – hence why the modern album is often dubbed ‘the storybook’.

The choices are literally endless, and seem to grow by the day… there’s always some new product or style being released by the album suppliers.  Whilst this can be a nightmare for the photographer having to re-invest in new samples each time new products launch, it’s good news for the brides and grooms out there as they literally have so many different products to choose from that they are bound to find one that fits to their tastes and requirements.

The only one thing that I do question, is that with albums constantly changing and evolving, it almost becomes like fashion.  Whilst this super cool looking album product might be looking mighty swanky now in 2014, will it be just as cool in twenty years time?  I suspect not!

To be fair I guess you could argue that will be the case for most if not all albums, that everything does date in some shape or form over long periods of time.  Although if you adopted the old adage of keeping your album simple, clean, elegant in design and features your album will definitely have a better chance of not dating unlike specific materials and effects which will.

The Future of the Wedding Album?

So what does the future hold long term for albums?  Who knows…  Whilst digital photography is now widespread, and technologies always further evolving in how we can display our media, we are no longer just tied to the form of print.

Could print die out, will it be fully replaced by some fancy new media beyond screens and projections?

Whilst that may well be possible in the far future, I still think that just like today, the age of the internet has proven that whilst we can read/view media on devices at our finger tips whenever we wish, quite often people still prefer to read/view things via a hard copy.

Originally the boom of the internet initially heralded a potential death warrant to newspapers and magazines, they all feared for their longetivity in the print format, and were predicting that ‘online’ media would replace printed articles/publications.

They were wrong, what they had underestimated was how people engaged with that media and that they enjoyed the physical experience of holding, touching and feeling that item whilst they consumed the content. This is something that is not the same when you’re reading from an electronical device.

I hope that remains the same for photography in the long term, not just for albums, but for all forms of it’s print – that is it’s heritage and I hope that never changes.