A newborn studio portrait session with baby Noah

We recently welcomed baby Noah to our Carshalton based studio for a newborn baby photoshoot.

Mum, Gemma, brought him along as she wanted to ensure that they recorded photos of their new arrival in his cute and miniature form.

Babies and children grow so fast, so naturally many parents want to visually document their child’s journey so that they will have a collection of photographs to look back upon with fond memories in the years to come.

There is something definitely special about newborn shoots – the baby is generally no older than 1-2 weeks old, so they are literally tiny, and at a size that they will never ever be again.

They are cute; so small, so innocent, so vulnerable, so reliant on mum – and so precious to their parents – this is a new chapter in the parents’ lives, and they quite rightly want to record and celebrate this joyous occasion.

Of all the portrait shoots we do, newborns are a lengthy affair, with each sitting taking on average between 2-3 hours a session (it generally depends on baby) to capture a nice selection of portraits. It’s not something that can be rushed, and it does require patience, but it’s all conducted in a relaxed environment within the studio and both baby and the parents are made fully comfortable and put at ease throughout.

The key with any newborn shoot is that baby’s safety and comfort is paramount, and is never jeopardised at any point.

All the poses and props that we conduct and use fully comply to this principle.

You can see a handful of the shots from Noah’s shoot here below.

For further information on newborn baby portraits and or general studio portraits, then please visit our website for further information regarding pricing.


Newborn baby photography at a studio in Carshalton, SurreyBaby lying down asleep during a studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surreynewborn baby wearing a woolly hat  having a studio portraitNewborn baby studio portrait captured  at a studio in Carshallton, Surrey newborn baby photography services in Carshalton, Surrey The feet of a two week year old newborn baby at a studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surrey newborn baby has his hand in his baby growth pocketNewborn baby is posed for a portrait lying in a wooden bowl in the studio in Carshalton, SurreyNewborn baby yawns during his studio photo shoot in Carshalton, Surrey

Baby Ronnie’s Newborn portrait photo shoot

Aside of the wedding work that we carry out throughout the year, we do also cover various portrait shoots of families, children and newborn babies.

These can be either studio or location based portraits, depending on what our client prefers.

One form of portraiture that we frequently get requests for is babies, whether that be at the newborn stage, 6 months or 12 months – we cover all of these key ages.

Why not have a look at one of our newborn shoots from a few months ago here to gauge a feel for the type of shots that we’d look to capture for a typical newborn shoot.

If you have any questions about our portrait services, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line to discuss your requirements further.

Let your child be the star of your Christmas Cards this year!

We’re currently running a Christmas promotion for all those parents out there who have a child and of whom would love their little munchkin to feature on their own personalised greeting cards.

We’ll be running mini festive portrait shoots and offering three packages with different card quantities.

Each package will come with the designated quantity of cards, plus one FREE 8″x6″ print, and also a FREE low resolution JPEG for use on social media.

To find out more please read the poster below, and contact us directly with any other questions.

We will be looking to take bookings in the next fortnight, as obviously time will be required to have the cards printed and returned.

If you are interested, please register your interest now by contacting us here or by telephoning 07930 400059.

Everlasting Moments Personalised Christmas Cards Promotion

Teenage Portraits on location at Morden Park, Surrey

Apologies for the break in blog posts again of late… I’m guilty that once things get busier, sadly the first thing that always slips is the poor blog – you’ve only got to see my chequered posting history to see a rather all too familiar pattern emerging!

I will once again try to kick-start things with another little post to hopefully help get things back on track.

This post relates back to a shoot I did probably around 18 months ago, which despite the time lag, ironically is one that I have wanted to get on here before now because it was such a fun job.

I’d been commissioned by a lady to photograph her teenage daughter and a group of her school friends, as they were moving away and she thought that it would be a lovely memento for her daughter to remember her friends by.

Initially, it had been arranged that I was to conduct a shoot at their house using the portable studio equipment.

However, after some thought I advised them that I felt that a location shoot would be better suited due to the number of girls, and that they would also benefit from something that was less formal.

I also knew that Morden Park was literally across the road from their house, and having conducted many weddings there at the registry office knew that the grounds would provide us with some great opportunities.

My proposal at first wasn’t accepted too well from the girls, as being teenagers and of an age where they are extremely self-aware, naturally they didn’t fancy being seen out at the local park having their photos taken – that just isn’t cool apparently!

Fortunately, my powers of persuasion won, and we headed over to the park to capture the various portraits from the complete group through to smaller variations and singular shots.

Despite the girls’ initial reservations, they soon got into the swing of things, and in the end actually fully embraced the fun well beyond my expectations – to the extent that one of them proposed that they all could climb a nearby low based tree to pose in that!

I kid you not… I went with the flow and as a result we got some brilliant shots, which encapsulated everything so perfectly.

It was definitely a shoot to remember, and I hope that the photos have provided them with something that they will remember and treasure as a reminder of that day and the many years of friendship that they’ve shared.

Here below is a selection of the images that were captured from that shoot.

Portrait photography with a group of teenage girls in Morden Park in Surrey Fun portraits with a group of girls in the grounds of Morden Park Fun portraits with a group of girls posing in a tree in Morden Park Teenage girls posing together for their portraits in Morden Park in Surrey Teenage friendship being captured in their portraits at Morden Park in Surrey

A newborn baby shoot with baby Ronnie

I had the lovely pleasure of capturing the very first official portraits of Baby Ronnie last week.

Mum and dad brought her along to the studio for some photos, and she obliged very well I have to say – not a bad effort, given that she was just over a week old – she was awake pretty much the whole of the shoot time!

We managed to get some lovely shots of her with a handful of our new props from our newborn photography portraiture range.

Why not have a look at our small slideshow here showing off the images captured from the shoot itself, and check out just how cute our subject was!