New Acrylic Gallery Product Spotlight

We’ve just added a new product to our wall art range for our portrait photography services.

This is a unique product that caught our eye and is something very different to what’s currently available in the marketplace.

The overall dimensions of the product in its entirety is 20″x10″, and features three removable 4″x4″ acrylic photo blocks.

The quality, feel and weight of this product is evident as soon as you hold it in your hands – it oozes class.

The biggest selling point though is the three photo blocks themselves… this is the genius of the product; the ability to remove and or switch the three photo blocks over in any of the mounts.

This even allows you to remove them and display them on a nearby shelf, mantelpiece or coffee table temporarily as they are designed to be self-standing when not being housed within the frame structure!

Even better still, there are further options that you could purchase additional photo blocks which mean that you can change any of the photos on display in the future or at any given point!  Cool or what?!

So if you were to return for another photo shoot with your family say the following year, you could purchase a couple of new photo blocks from that session to then replace the originals, or mix them all up… leaving the surplus ones to be displayed as free-standing items in their own right within your home.  You’ll then always have the ability to change your display as you feel from day-to-day and year-to-year.

It’s because of this versatility in addition to its beauty and sheer quality, that we think that this new item is going to be a very popular product with all our clients!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this product and our portrait services, then please drop us a line here.


Acrylic Gallery Portrait Photography Product

The evolution of the Wedding Album

Wedding albums just like cameras have evolved vastly from the old days.

The digital age heralded the end of film, and that change has not only revolutionised the wedding photogtapher’s job, but also the images that are now captured and the way that they are then used afterwards.

The Traditional Wedding Album

A traditional styled wedding albumOriginally the photographer’s responsibility was to capture formal portraits of the bride and groom after their wedding ceremony, as well as the important family and bridal party group shots.

After that, they would have then headed back to the lab to develop the prints, put together a traditional matted album for their clients (you know the ones with tracing paper divides!), and would then return to the wedding reception that same evening to hand it over to the newlyweds.

They would also of course try and sell additional prints to the rest of the congregation in a bid to increase their earnings.

Oh how things have changed…  Weddings are now captured from the bride getting ready in the morning all the way up to the first dance, if not beyond!

Today’s Contemporary Wedding Albums

A look at an inside double page spread of a digital albumThe old fashioned ‘formal’ only style of shooting has been surpassed, with wedding photographers now having to provide a wide array of skills such as photojournalism (natural documentation), fashion photography (lifestyle images), and commercial photography (details of the dress/shoes/flowers) on top of the original portraiture.

Such evolution in the approach of the photography means that weddings are now ‘documented’ as a visual story, rather than just a handful of formally posed portraits.

Naturally, as the end product has changed (ie the photos; their style and their quantity) the role of the wedding album has had to move with the times as well.

Today’s albums now boast more pages, and are far less formal, and come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes.

Their strongest point, is that their layouts are far more flexible and that they use their images to literally illustrate the day as a visual story – hence why the modern album is often dubbed ‘the storybook’.

The choices are literally endless, and seem to grow by the day… there’s always some new product or style being released by the album suppliers.  Whilst this can be a nightmare for the photographer having to re-invest in new samples each time new products launch, it’s good news for the brides and grooms out there as they literally have so many different products to choose from that they are bound to find one that fits to their tastes and requirements.

The only one thing that I do question, is that with albums constantly changing and evolving, it almost becomes like fashion.  Whilst this super cool looking album product might be looking mighty swanky now in 2014, will it be just as cool in twenty years time?  I suspect not!

To be fair I guess you could argue that will be the case for most if not all albums, that everything does date in some shape or form over long periods of time.  Although if you adopted the old adage of keeping your album simple, clean, elegant in design and features your album will definitely have a better chance of not dating unlike specific materials and effects which will.

The Future of the Wedding Album?

So what does the future hold long term for albums?  Who knows…  Whilst digital photography is now widespread, and technologies always further evolving in how we can display our media, we are no longer just tied to the form of print.

Could print die out, will it be fully replaced by some fancy new media beyond screens and projections?

Whilst that may well be possible in the far future, I still think that just like today, the age of the internet has proven that whilst we can read/view media on devices at our finger tips whenever we wish, quite often people still prefer to read/view things via a hard copy.

Originally the boom of the internet initially heralded a potential death warrant to newspapers and magazines, they all feared for their longetivity in the print format, and were predicting that ‘online’ media would replace printed articles/publications.

They were wrong, what they had underestimated was how people engaged with that media and that they enjoyed the physical experience of holding, touching and feeling that item whilst they consumed the content. This is something that is not the same when you’re reading from an electronical device.

I hope that remains the same for photography in the long term, not just for albums, but for all forms of it’s print – that is it’s heritage and I hope that never changes.


Caroline & Brendan’s Wedding Album

I recently received Caroline and Brendan’s wedding album back from my supplier, and as per usual was extremely happy with the production.

Those of you who have used my photography services will know that I use a couple of different suppliers when it comes to wedding and portrait albums, as I love to offer my clients a healthy choice in various styles and formats.

These albums vary, from a traditional ‘matted’ page album like the one that I am talking about here, through to the more contemporary ‘digital’ paged album.

They are all very different and beautiful in their own rights, and many people ask “oh, what is the better album?”, which is a question that can’t be answered!  This is only because neither are superior to each other, yes they are very different, but they are both beautiful products, and so can’t be compared – it is more a question of each individual client’s tastes.

All of the albums are bespoke and hand made – these are not commercial products available to the public, they are only available to photographers within the trade.

Some clients don’t fully appreciate the quality of the albums until they see them in the ‘flesh’.  I always like to show them the album products in person so that they may witness for themselves the craftsmanship and the build quality that they would be investing in.

On another hand, some clients don’t order or want an album, and or make the decision to order a photobook from one of the high street retailers – which is all totally fair enough and I don’t have a problem with it, but one point I would make is that when you invest in your photographs you are paying for a professional service that will capture your photographs and memories at the highest possible quality; to then proceed afterwards to have those images printed in a sub standard photobook is not going to do them justice, the printing is incomparable.  Your professional photos deserve to be printed and reproduced in a professional album that reflects the same quality, after all this is a wedding album, a special occasion and such an album is a worthwhile investment of your memories for the rest of your life…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our album products, please feel free to check out our wedding and portrait album products.

Anyway, back to this album – this is from the wedding of Caroline and Brendan which took place at the Our Ladye Star of the Sea church and the Queens House, both of which are situated in Greenwich.

The Queens House was a fabulous venue to photograph at, and we captured some stunning images, including a signature portrait of Caroline and Brendan standing on the spiral staircase… one of my favourite shots in my portfolio!

I’ve taken some pics of their album below to showcase the final product.

The album was well received from the couple, and they wrote me a fabulous testimonial:

The photographer worked closely with us in the run up to our wedding, making sure we had a truly bespoke service. On the day he captured everything, but was completely unobtrusive. Our guests all commented on how wonderful he was. The CD of images was amazing and the album superb quality. We would recommend Everlasting Moments to everyone.


12" matted wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

12" matted tradditional styled wedding album

Baby Posters designed by Lush

Today I felt that I would write a post about some unique and fabulous products produced by my good friends at Design by Lush.

I have been incredibly impressed with the concepts, the beauty and the quality of their products – they recently sent me one of their stunning framed typographical posters, and I was incredibly impressed.

I hadn’t ever seen such a concept or product like this before, these are truly stunning – I love the typography, the harmonious colours, the delightful frames, and more importantly that these are bespoke; every poster is personalised!

I can’t emphasise enough how much I rate these products, you must see for yourself – I have attached some images below of the poster product I received.

Design by Lush have a series of different poster designs available, all of which can be personalised, so there are various designs to suit all tastes.

They also not only sell posters, but a wide variety of other stylish design based products such as greeting cards (new baby, thank you, weddings, invites etc), personalised photobooks, and corporate identity work for businesses.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift for a family or friend that has just given birth, I thoroughly recommend that you check out and you will not be disappointed…


Framed typographical posters by design by lush

Framed typographical posters by design by lush

Framed typographical posters by design by lush

Framed typographical posters by design by lush

Framed typographical posters by design by lush