Wedding image success from Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey

I was commissioned to capture the wedding of Roisin Duffy and Stuart Pocock last August at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey.

It turned out to be a fabulous wedding, and we took some beautiful bride and groom portraits amongst the stunning back drop of the vineyard.

We also made use of Denbies wine cellar – they have some amazing hand-carved wine storage barrels which are incredible.  I had seen them before when we initially surveyed the venue, and I had earmarked these for capturing a particular intimate portrait of the couple.  The darkness of the cellar, coupled with the use of the spotlights on the barrels provided an appropriate mood and feel to the portrait.

As a result, Denbies really liked my images from the day and have actually used one in their 2011 wedding brochure!

You can see the chosen image below, and you can also see the picture in Denbies PDF brochure on page 10

Wedding at Denbies Wine Estate Dorking Surrey

Vanessa & Peter Carson-Frost’s Wedding, St Mark’s Church, Staplefield

Exactly one week prior to Christmas, and a tonne of snowfall ensured that this was to be a festive wedding!

I have to admit that I was incredibly nervous come the Saturday morning, with forecasts of snow on the cards and a journey to Staplefield (just past Horsham) from Carshalton, I was keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully the snow wouldn’t arrive until I had at least successfully made it to the venue.

With reservations regarding the weather, I decided to leave at 10am to allow myself a healthy 2hrs 30mins to make it to St Mark’s Church.  It indeed proved to be a very wise decision, as the snow began to fall heavily no sooner than having left my home!

The weather was treacherous, and as a result traffic grounded to a stand still on many occasions.  The worst part of the journey was traveling on the M23, the visibility at that point was only what I can describe as a “white-out”, and many cars were struggling to cope with amount of snow that was then steadily building up on the roads.  Fortunately I had borrowed the mother-in-law’s 4×4, which was a God-send given the conditions that I had embarked upon.

After all the stop-starting, and the slow crawling pace throughout, I ended up just making it with 10 minutes to spare; having taken me 2 hours 20mins to travel all of 23 miles!

I was due to meet Peter, the groom at 12.30pm in preparation to take some portraits of him and the best man prior to the start of the service at 1pm – unfortunately the snow impacted Peter’s timings, and for the first time in my experience, I witnessed the groom keep the bride waiting (sorry Peter!)!  In the end, poor Peter was in fact a whole 1 hour and 30mins late!!!

Once he finally arrived, the show went on, and I have to say that Vanessa had remained incredibly calm and understanding throughout, which given the fact that she had initially arrived at 12.30pm meant that she had been predominantly sitting in the car for just shy of 2 hours (aside of coming out for some pictures with the bridesmaids). She was a model of patience without offering a whimper of frustration.

Due to the overrunning schedule, upon completing the wedding service we had to change the plans for the bride and groom portraits – originally we had penciled in a specific location just down the road, but there was not going to be sufficient time nor quality of light to continue with that agenda.  As a result we had to improvise with what was available to us within the Church grounds, and to be fair it wasn’t the end of the world as there were a couple of surrounding elements that offered some nice features for pictures.

It was disappointing that we didn’t have the opportunity to have visit the original location for additional shots, but I think we still achieved a nice balance despite the limitations.

I have added a handful of select images below as a taster…

Some people adore the magic of winter weddings, and it is easy to see why people love the romance of a beautiful snow filled landscape – it is indeed a thing of beauty and tranquility and can offer some stunning images.  However, for all it’s beauty on the flip side it can reap havoc, and that was evident at Vanessa & Peter’s wedding in the respect that it thwarted quite a few of their relatives to attend thanks to what was an impossible journey from Essex. A great shame, and you do feel for the couple – all the month’s of preparation and money spent on planning and booking the venues and the catering – and then the weather robs you the opportunity to enjoy and share your big day with some of those you hold dear.

It must be said that despite that and the events of the day, Vanessa and Peter were great fun to be around – a truly happy and jolly couple – they were constantly smiling, laughing and beaming throughout, and that rubs off on you the photographer.  I thoroughly enjoyed their company, and I think that many of their images reflect the happiness that I speak of.  Thank you for being great sports!

Please feel free to view Vanessa and Peter’s full wedding images here should you wish to have a further look.

St Mark's Church, Staplefield

St Mark's Church, Staplefield

Vanessa Carson-Frost waiting in car

Vanessa awaiting in the car

Vanessa on her mobile

Vanessa remained incredibly calm and in good spirits whilst waiting for Peter!

Bride's bouquet

Vanessa's bouquet

Vanessa and her wellies

Vanessa dons the wellies - a much needed bridal accessory in the snow

Vanessa big smile

Vanessa is all smiles during the ceremony

St Mark's Church interior

The fabulous interior of St Mark's Church

Peter and Vanessa at the sheltered gate

Peter and Vanessa at the sheltered gate entrance to the chuch grounds

Intimate Sheletered gate portrait

Tight crop of intimate portrait under the sheltered gate entrance

Peter and vanessa at the front side of the church yard

Vanessa and Peter in the church grounds

Vanessa & Peter at the main entrance of St Mark's church

Vanessa & Peter at the main entrance of St Mark's church

Elizabeth & Chris’ Wedding, The Royal Terrace Hotel, Edinburgh

Happy New Year to all!

This is my first post for 2011, and following getting back to work after all the festivities, I have now finalised the editing of Elizabeth & Chris’ wedding photographs as taken on Saturday 8th December 2010.

Elizabeth and Chris were married at the Royal Terrace Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland – with the civil ceremony and the reception all taking place within this splendid four star facility.

The Hotel is part of an impressive terrace of prestigious Georgian townhouses, overlooking Scotland’s historic capital.  It was a lovely hotel rich in character and various visual elements that offered many opportunities for capturing some lovely shots throughout the big day.

I arrived in Edinburgh a couple of days prior to the wedding (flew up from Gatwick), and was welcomed to a snowy wonderland – despite the fact that we here in Surrey had just recovered from our first batch of snow, the weather had still been hitting Edinburgh hard.

I recall someone claiming that it was the largest amount of snowfall that they had received for some years throughout the month of December, and or if not ‘the‘ most on record as apparently it rarely snows there in December – a claim that did surprise me as it is Scotland, but I was assured that whilst it was not abnormal for snow to hit other areas of Scotland at that time of year, it was still fairly rare for Edinburgh…

Anyhow, I wasn’t too upset that there was snow, yes it is a pain at times but if you have a ‘game’ bride and groom then it can offer some lovely seldom and peaceful looking shots. Fortunately for me both Elizabeth and Chris were real stars and embraced the conditions, allowing us to capture some fabulous shots.

Despite the snowfall, it was incredibly mild and ironically it had been colder back home in Surrey than it was there in Edinburgh!

As a result of the mild temperatures, the snow did start to thaw and slowly reduce in the build up to the wedding day, but there was still enough present in the hotel’s gardens to capture some ‘winter’ themed images.

Anyway, I have added some images below for reference from the wedding shoot for all to view, so please do scroll down to have a look.

There is also the option for anyone to view the images from the full wedding day should they wish to look on in further depth…

I will be posting again shortly, I have to finish editing another wedding shoot that was captured the week prior to Christmas, plus I’ve also conducted a couple of portrait shoots over the festive break – so please do check back again soon, or best still why not subscribe to my RSS feed; it’s very easy to do and you will be kept up-to-date with any new posts as they happen…

Elizabeth's wedding dress

Elizabeth's wedding dress

Elizabeth's Wedding Jewellery

Elizabeth's Wedding Jewellery

Elizabeth McWilliams bridal preparations

Elizabeth's bridal preparations

Elizabeth & Chris McWilliams Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony

Chris McWilliams & best man

Chris and his best man

Elizabeth & Chris McWilliams bride & groom portraits

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portraits in gardens

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portraits in gardens

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portraits in gardens

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portrait by pond

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portraits in gardens

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portrait on stairs in the gardens

Elizabeth & Chris post ceremony portraits in gardens


The men and their Kilts!

Elizabeth and her bridesmaid

Elizabeth and her bridesmaid

Royal Terrace Hotel sign and wedding cake

Wedding cake and Royal Terrace Hotel signage

Elizabeth and Chris internal staircase portrait

Elizabeth and Chris internal staircase portrait

Chris' neice

A candid natural portrait of Chris' niece

Elizabeth and Chris' first dance

Elizabeth and Chris' first dance