Location based lifestyle family portraits within Surrey

Well, the summer is now officially here, and the sun should be making more regular appearances for us with any luck from here on… well, that’s the theory anyhow!

With the climate generally now both warmer and dry it’s an ideal opportunity for families with young children to explore lifestyle family portraits outdoors on location.

The difference between an outdoor lifestyle shoot over a studio shoot is quite great, they vary greatly.

There is no right or wrong, it just boils down to preference as to what you might like in regards to photographic style;

• Location Family lifestyle shoots

Generally these are more natural, and feature more engagement either with a task and or other family members.  They’re also more relaxed as you’re not confined to a small area like a studio.

• Studio Family Shoots:

A studio shoot is a bit more formal – everything is more controlled, from the activities/posing through to the environment, lighting and surrounds. As a result you get more consistency through that control, unlike outside shoots where you are exposed to the elements and the location.

Whatever your choice, you’ll end up with lovely results regardless, it’s just about you deciding what you prefer in taste and what fits in better in your living room in regards to where you will be displaying those images.

Please have a look here below at some photos that were captured from a young family location shoot at Box Hill in Dorking, Surrey.

As you will see with the outdoors you can achieve more variation, and a more natural set of results.

If you and your family are interested in learning more about our location and lifestyle family portraits, then please visit the following page for further information.

Young lad sitting on a fallen tree at the very top of Box Hill in Dorking, Surrey Young boy climbs a tree in Box hill,  Surrey Portrait of a young girl as taken at the top of Box Hill in Dorking, Surrey Little girl pointing during a lifestyle photo shoot in Dorking, Surrey Siblings portraits on location in Surrey Brother and sister family portrait at Box Hill, Surrey Young boy running at Box Hill in Surrey Little girl playing inbetween trees at Box Hill in Dorking Boy sits on a tree stump during a photo shoot  at Box Hill, Dorking, Surrey Young boy playing around a tree in Dorking, Surrey A family portrait aat Box Hill in Surrey Mum and daughter have a portrait taken during a Location based lifestyle family portraits session at Box Hill in Surrey Father and daughter have a portrait taken during a Location based lifestyle family portraits session at Box Hill in Surrey Mother and daughter have a portrait taken during a Location based lifestyle family portraits session at Box Hill in Surrey Location based lifestyle family portraits in and around Surrey

Louise & James’ Wedding at The Holy Family Church in Reigate and The Burford Bridge Hotel in Dorking

We take a look back at the wedding of Louise & James from the end of last year, where they tied the knot at The Holy Family Church in Reigate, followed by the reception at The Burford Bridge Hotel in Dorking.

This was the first time that I had been back to The Burford Bridge since it had been refurbished following on from the catastrophic flooding in 2013.

I have to say, that whilst the flooding was a terrible event, the venue has definitely benefitted in the long term from the renovations – it now is more modern and contemporary with its decor and this has given what was a tiring venue a new lease of life.

This wedding was another one that shared many moving moments and celebrations – Louise tragically lost one of her brothers in 2009, but she was determined to involve him on her special day and so arranged that her and James made a stop at Redstone Cemetery on the way to Box Hill to pay their respects and toast a glass of champagne with Patrick.

It was a poignant act, and one that I thought was truly beautiful and touching.

When you see or witness such moments, and feel others pain and anguish that their loved ones are no longer with them to celebrate and enjoy such landmark and special occasions, it truly does make you realise how fortunate you are and how we all do take so many things for granted in this life…

Please feel free to watch the video slideshow from Louise & James’ wedding here below.

I also know that Louise and her family have set up the Patrick Evans Foundation in the honour of her brother – so please feel free to read about the fine work that they do here.