A promotional slideshow for The Grange Bar & Restaurant

I have a very good and long-standing working relationship with The Grange Bar & Restaurant in Wallington, Surrey.

They are a venue that I have enjoyed working with on numerous weddings over the years.

Many of you who are my regular followers will have as a result seen many photos from the resultant weddings.

Anyone who knows Beddington Park will know what I mean when I say that it is a very picturesque park in many places, especially the surrounding area where the Grange is situated.

It has provided me with many great photographic opportunities for those weddings I’ve captured, and it still inspires me to this day with it’s versatility and depth.

I thought that I would put together a small promotional video slideshow to showcase some of those images over the years, and also help the venue inspire it’s next generation of wedding couples to have a look at what The Grange can offer them as the potential home for their special day…


Commercial Photography for Hunters Estate Agents in Carshalton

As many of you will know, I quite often undertake commercial photography work alongside my staple diet of weddings and portraits.

These types of jobs generally range from corporate head shots of management and staff, through to more illustrative images of how a business works, it’s environment and or possibly a product(s).

Regardless of the genre, it’s always lovely to see when your images are being put to good use and are out there ‘working’ for the client.

I have seen a great example of such a case in recent months from one of my clients from last year – Hunters Estate Agents in Carshalton.

I carried out some corporate head shots for Fleur and Stacey who are part of the management team.

Normally as is the case with head shots, these generally tend to be used on the company website, some social media profiles, and possibly in some form of print/brochure work.

I was pleasantly surprised to that Hunters had been a little more creative in their usage, and had in fact taken it to a new level; large graphics on their company car!

What a genius idea.

A lot of people might ask why would putting two staff members faces on a car particularly work or be a good thing?

Well, for a start it’s different – it stands out and catches people’s attention as it’s not a regular occurrence so that will be aiding the promotion of the Hunters brand.

Secondly, Hunters pride themselves on a being a family run business, and one that therefore appeals as a more personal estate agent rather than a chain brand like the larger companies.

So with having their faces on the company car means that they will not only be creating brand awareness, but also in many ways personalising the brand and making it more approachable – people will feel that they are dealing with ‘people’ rather than another company.

I’ve popped two photos here below of the ways that Hunters have utilised their head shots for you to see for yourself.

If your company could do with some new head shots, and or if you’d like to have a professional head shot for your social media and Linkedin page – why not check out our commercial photography gallery and drop us a line to discuss how we could help you and your business.

Hunters Estate Agents Company Car Hunters estate agents flyer seeking new properties in carshalton surrey

Commercial Head Shots Photography

Ashely Groom Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey

It’s fair to say that the majority of our work here at Everlasting Moments Photography is Weddings and family portrait based.

As a result, not many of our clients are aware that we can, and or do frequently cover commercial photography services too.

The most common area of this tends to be Head Shots for local companies and businesses.

In todays digital age, head shots have become an ever more important tool in a company’s marketing toolbox.

Thank’s to social media and company websites, head shots are now a necessity for profile and ‘about us’ pages.  Like it or not, this is something that is here to stay and won’t be changing.

Now, whilst you might love that selfie you took in the mirror of the local pub’s toilets for your personal Facebook page, it’s generally not advisable using that for your LinkedIn profile and or on your company’s website!

When it comes to business, you want your profile picture to represent you professionally – it should reflect the quality of your brand, show you as a professional, be inviting and friendly so that people can see that you are an approachable person who they want to do business with.

What a lot of people forget is that profile pictures and such head shots are quite often the first instance that a potential client/customer will indirectly vet you and your company – it is your first impression to impress them and fill them with confidence that you are someone that they want to do business with.

It’s that old saying “Your first impression, is your last”.

It is so true, if you went to a job interview or a meeting with a potential client, you wouldn’t turn up in scruffy and casual clothes would you? You would wear a suit or be dressed smartly and in a presentable way so that you represented yourself in the best possible manner.

So it always amazes me when I see this rule being forgotten with the use of unprofessional profile photos on business related web and social media accounts.

Whilst I joke about selfies in pub toilets, a bad profile photo isn’t just restricted to such an undesirable location – there are many other things that constitute towards a bad profile photograph;

• Poorly lit – some photos are taken in dark conditions and you can’t see the person’s face particularly well for a start, and in addition it can also give a mysterious and untrustworthy feel to the picture

• Unflattering lighting – in variation to the above, there is unflattering light – where the person is sat in a bad position in relation to a light source and it creates unflattering shadows on the face and in particular around the eyes. Firstly the person won’t be happy that they don’t look a million dollars, and secondly such shadows don’t help to create that ‘welcoming’ feel to the portrait. Likewise if it’s a tungsten light that is illuminating them in the photo, they might even appear like the Tango man with hues of orange changing their skin tone colour!

• Direct flash – again another light related issue, where a camera or camera-phone have been used to capture the photo and it’s activated the small in-built flash on the device… this creates hard shadows on the face and can also add noticable white ‘hot-spots’ on the skin, giving people shiny foreheads/noses/cheeks – never a good look for anyone!

• Cluttered backgrounds – one of the most common issues in most amateur head shots taken by employees in the office environment. Generally thought isn’t given to what might be visible in the background, this can range from things like other employees, office equipment, fire exit signs, fire alarm buttons, fire extinguishers, light switches… all of which are distractions from the person in the photo, and it just looks unprofessional.

So, if you’re serious about representing your business, and feel that your profile picture(s) are not striking the right chord in how your brand should be represented, my honest advice would be to look into getting professional head shots taken.

You can read more about our commercial photography services on our website, and we do also have some various examples in a gallery page too.

I’ve added some head shots that we recently captured for the team at Calver Groom Financial Management and of which they have used on their website – this gives you an example of the head shots that we can capture, and just to also underline that they don’t have to feel or look cheesy or false!


Calver-Groom-Head-Shot Karen Barber Head Shot for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey

Geoff Furniss Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey
Ann Dean Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey Spencer Franks Studio Head Shot  Photograph for Calver Groom Financial Management in Wallington, Surrey


A team photograph of The Calver Groom Financial Management Team in Wallington, Surrey

The Grange relaunch their website

I’m a recommended wedding supplier with the Grange Bar & Restaurant in Beddington Park, Surrey.

They have just relaunched their website and wedding brochure with a fresh rebrand.

I was delighted when they asked if they could use some of my photographs from various weddings that I have captured there over the years.

Anyone who knows the Grange will be aware that it is a gem of a venue that offers couples a lovely and picturesque backdrop for a wedding – the surrounding parkland is extremely pretty and also very varied.

It’s my favourite local venue as it just offers so much to a photographer; natural green backgrounds, water features, lovely bursts of colour with well maintained floral beds, plus quirky architecture and trees.

Anyway, please feel free to have a look at their new website, and in doing so you might recognise some of the photos on there!

Wedding section on the Grange's website The Grange Website Screen Grab of the weddings section The Grange Website Screen Grab The Grange Wedding Brochure

A Commercial photo shoot with ABootcamp

I thought that I’d put up a post of a commercial shoot we did last year for ABootcamp who are based at Warlingham RFC.

I know the owner Adam Alexander very well from my Sutton BNI days, and he commissioned me at the beginning of last spring to come and do a shoot for him at one of his bootcamps to obtain images for his new website and corporate literature.

Ironically enough the day the shoot was held on was very cold – the outside ground was frozen, and there was a persistent foggy mist that lingered most of the day.

I had suggested to Adam that it was probably worth postponing to another day with better weather, but he was on a tight schedule for the website and opted to continue – which whilst the outside images do look incredibly cold and un-inviting to a degree, in other ways it did add a bit of a surreal edge to them.

We captured a mixture of shots from the photo shoot, some of a live bootcamp class that was conducted outside on the playing fields, then some action shots in the gym indoors, and then finished up with a couple of nice environmental portraits of both Adam and Kerrie also in the gym surrounds.

You can view a small selection of the images from the day here below, and or of course please feel free to check out ABootcamp’s website to see them in use and or to find out more about what Adam and Kerrie do in more depth (if you want to lose weight, have a healthier lifestyle and or need some help achieving a specific body shape, these guys can help you).

Adam and Kerrie will be returning in front of my lens again this year, although in a very different format – a wedding!  Hopefully we’ll have better weather this time around, I certainly hope so with it being in August!

If you are in need of some new imagery for your business, a website or corporate literature, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further and provide more information about our commercial services.


A Bootcamp live in action in Warlingham, Croydon A sledge hammer being used in a bootcamp exercise in Croydon The gym room at Warlingham Rugby Football Club in Croydon Adam Alexander and Kerrie Bourne's personal fitness trainer portraits in warlingham RFC's gym room