A retrospective look back at our 2015 weddings

This is a retrospective look back at some of our favourite shots and moments from our 2015 weddings.

2015 was another cracking year, and as always it’s both an honour and a pleasure to be involved with all our couples’ weddings.

Please enjoy the brief two minute slideshow which showcases a small selection of images from during the course of the year.

I wanted to try and keep the slideshow to just 2 minutes rather than make it a lengthy view – which meant that it was incredibly tough to shortlist the images to a smaller quota.

I could have so easily shared many other images, but I didn’t want to bore you all! 😉


Rachael & Rob’s Wedding at The Grange, Beddington Park

Here’s a slideshow video to showcase a selection of the official photographs from Rachael and Rob’s wedding at The Grange in Beddington Park, Beddington Surrey.

I’m a recommended supplier at The Grange, and do quite a few weddings each year there as a result – one thing that I have to say, is that I never tire of this venue… the surrounding park offers a wealth of photographic opportunities that continue to entice me to try new things.

It really is a delight to work at, and everything is all nicely located closely to each other, that we can jump from one portrait location to another.

I’m also pleased to say that one of the images from this wedding was entered into The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s Traditional Wedding Photography Competition for July, and it received a ‘Highly Commended’ award – a testament to the quality of location at my disposal for composing a striking bridal portrait.

Please feel free to play the embedded slideshow below and have a browse of the backdrops that I mention, I think that you’ll agree that The Grange does lend itself as a picturesque location for a wedding…