A retrospective look back at our 2015 weddings

This is a retrospective look back at some of our favourite shots and moments from our 2015 weddings.

2015 was another cracking year, and as always it’s both an honour and a pleasure to be involved with all our couples’ weddings.

Please enjoy the brief two minute slideshow which showcases a small selection of images from during the course of the year.

I wanted to try and keep the slideshow to just 2 minutes rather than make it a lengthy view – which meant that it was incredibly tough to shortlist the images to a smaller quota.

I could have so easily shared many other images, but I didn’t want to bore you all! 😉


A Wedding Thank You Card

Being a wedding photographer certainly has its pressures, but on the flip side it is an incredibly rewarding job giving couples something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that your photos can bring so much joy and happiness to others.

Even more so, when a couple send you a thank-you card personally expressing their gratitude and how happy they are with their wedding photos.

I was lucky enough to receive such a card from one of my recent bride and grooms – Prisha & Graham, having recently captured their big day at The Grange last month.

It’s very touching and humbling, and I know that I’m fortunate to enjoy a job that can give you such fulfilment.

I’ve taken two snap shots of Prisha & Graham’s card here below 🙂


The front of a wedding thank you card from Prisha & graham's wedding at The Grange in Beddington Park

A thank you card from Prisha & Graham's Wedding

Tips For Shopping For Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement RingsWhen you shop for an engagement ring, it helps to have something of a strategy heading into the process. Whether you are a man looking for a ring for your fiance, a woman choosing her own ring, or a couple picking out an engagement ring together, the process of sifting through options can be a bit overwhelming. There are simply endless options available, and it can be difficult to figure out how to narrow down your choices and pick the perfect engagement ring. Here are a few tips that may help you to organize and go about your engagement ring shopping process.

Where to buy from; high street or online?

In many people’s minds, the way to shop for an engagement ring is to approach the counter at a high-end jewellery shop. And, of course this can lead you to the perfect ring in some cases. However, it can also lead you to bouncing between stores, dealing with various salespeople, and having a hard time comparing different rings. Instead, like many things these days you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by buying engagement rings at an online store like 77Diamonds where you can easily compare hundreds of different options all on your own, and even customize certain aspects of a ring. The selection is broader, but also easier to manage.

Knowing what style and trend suits you

When shopping for an engagement ring, it may also be worth it to look into some current trends in rings. In any given year, different styles will be more prominent in rings and in weddings, and some style trends may help you to make your own decisions. For example, lately some noteworthy trends have been vintage rings, halo settings, trinity rings, and even alternative stones! Diamonds remain the most popular choices, but some couples are opting to experiment a bit with options like rubies, sapphires, etc. This makes for a bold and different ring, but for the right woman it can be a perfect choice. At any rate, trends like these can help you to narrow down your own ideas when shopping for an engagement ring.

Things that you should know about Diamonds

Finally, if you do decide to go with a diamond ring, it will pay to have a bit of knowledge on how to select a good diamond. One good place to start would be with the “four C’s” of diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. Cut refers to the specific ways in which the surface of the diamond is cut to reflect light. Clarity represents the perfection of the diamond, with scratches and cloudiness negatively impacting a clarity grade. Colour is graded on a letter scale, with D-F representing the “whitest” (or clearest) diamonds. And, Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Understanding these basic terms can help you to judge the quality of a diamond for yourself, and can also help you to determine which factors you care most about when purchasing your engagement ring.